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Shops in shopping malls and supermarkets; the cooperation mode with exclusive shops

Distribution methods:
1.It is applicable in busy large and medium-sized shopping malls and supermarkets in the forms of shops or exclusive shops;
2.Be patient, and can actively explain and recommend products to every customer who pays attention to our products;
3.If there are large marketplaces in the regions with distributors, when the old distributors confirm not to enter in the marketplaces, the new ones can apply for admission to the Company; please call to consult for specific cooperation intention;
4.The new distributors’ purchases: the company, based on the best-selling product categories, reasonably matches the first batch of products, and the distributors can select the first batch of products based on the local people’s flavors;
5.The company conducts payment before delivery in theory; welcome to inquire! 

Distribution supports:
1.Presentation: the distributor authorization, shopping bags, posters, leaflets, product catalogs, etc;
2.Conduct promotion via network media; enjoy the promotional activities planned by the company;
3.Ad support: the distributors do product ads inside and outside the marketplaces, such as large-scale ads and light-box ads outside the marketplaces, etc; the company provides the free ad design and provide a part or the whole expenses;
4.In order to increase their business confidences, the distributors can irregularly apply for low-price promotion of individual products to the company;
5.For more supports, please call us.

After opening:
1.Be patient, and actively recommend our products to every customer;
2.Irregularly check the warehouse and understand the number of the warehouses in the shopping malls; if any overstock is discovered, please report it to the manufacturer without any delay;
3.The distributors with outstanding performance can be upgraded into the provincial/municipal/town exclusive distributors, but the headquarter must confirm that whether there are other exclusive distributors in the area before the upgrade;
4.The company can provide the year-end rebates to support the distributors;

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