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Quality Management

Our quality policy is: selection on raw materials, strict quality, service first, and constant improvement. The quality is the life of brand and the basis to create and maintain brand. The market competition is the quality competition, that’s why the company carries out the comprehensive quality control, formulates and implements a rigorous quality control measures, forms a whole-process quality supervision and control system from supplier management, in-coming inspection, on-line inspection, product factory inspection, to the on-sale inspection in the market, and feasibly implements the strict quality management in the raw material purchase, product design, production and processing, product sales and after-sales services, etc. Since its establishment, the products of the company have been qualified and well-received in the national-level market sampling.

When purchasing food products, part of the consumers have worries because of food allergy, so we carefully check the common allergens, and mark them on the outer packaging label in simple terms, so that the adults and children can notice and understand it.

We treat every detail of baked food intensively, and never neglect modern technologies because of traditional inheritance; as such, we conduct strict control of the whole food chain of the suppliers, distributors, and retail customers, safely store, manufacture, transport and sell many products of the company to ensure that the products meet the three standards of delicacy, sanitation and safety. Not only do we tenaciously reserve the best traditional Macau flavor, but also develop new featured products with the color, aroma and taste according to the changes in market.

Special manufacturing in ancient methods

The series of almond cakes
For the , Lai Kai selects the pure mung bean flour and adds almonds and vegetable oil based on a traditional formula, and produces almond cakes at the constant temperature of 130℃. The almond cakes made in this way is golden in color, melt in the mouth, and especially sweet and tasty. Lai Kai Bakery, based on the traditional almond cakes (e.g.: meat almond cakes, grain almond cakes, sesame almond cakes, fried rice biscuit, etc), has developed the humid nori almond cakes and floss almond cakes, striving form product innovation and catering for the public’s tastes.

The series of egg rolls and phoenix rolls
The egg rolls and phoenix rolls with more than ten kinds of flavors involve from the original simple hometown rolls and phoenix rolls, such as nori floss egg rolls, mango floss egg rolls, strawberry floss egg rolls, egg white floss egg rolls, purple yam floss egg rolls, XO floss egg rolls, seafood floss egg rolls, curry floss egg rolls, coconut floss egg rolls, sesame floss egg rolls, chocolate floss egg rolls, etc. The advantage is that the egg rolls are crisp, and with the fragrant and tasty floss, the floss can bring the aroma of the egg in the egg rolls after you eat it, which is memorable.

The series of sugars and cakes
Generally, the consumers wrongly think that lard cakes are made from lard, but actually it is not, Lai Kai selects the high-grade vegetable oil and grape ingredient, cooks at a low temperature in firewood for four hours, and packages the lard cakes through automatic machines after natural cooling, which makes every piece of lard cakes tender and tasty, and fashionable; and the knit sugar is full of milk and peanut flavor, and with the first-class flavor; and the peanut brittle is also extremely yummy.

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