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Lai Kei Bakery Limited is located in the west bank of Pearl River Delta (PRD)-- Macau. Lai Kei Bakery, originally a small street stall in Macau, is renowned for the freshly handcrafted and selling of charcoal almond cakes and egg rolls. So far, it has over two hundred kinds of products, and almond cakes, egg rolls, peanut brittle, dried pork and dried beef is the most popular products among the customers, the superior quality, traditional and characteristic packaging and dense Macau food flavor are highly appreciated by the consumers, and it has become the model for many domestic bakery enterprises, and the brand of Lai Kai Bakery has become the most valuable brand in the domestic baked omelet food.

The company possesses advanced production equipment, invests in establishing well-equipped laboratories which are divided into bioclean room and physical and chemical laboratory. It also opens a number of production lines, inherits the traditional handcrafted techniques and ancient secret recipe, conducts constant trial and improvement by combining the modern mechanical equipment, creates a more unique Macau-flavor food system. We firmly believe that quality is the life of brand and the basis to create and maintain brand. For years, we, in accordance with the working policy of intensifying quality and creating brand, and insists that quality management is always the top priority among priorities.

After the long improvement and development, Lai Kai Bakery is no longer only a food brand, but also has formed a kind of Macau culture with the Chinese characteristics. It will keep on bring the high-quality, traditional and authentic Macau flavor to China and even the whole world.

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